I am an independent racquet stringer based in Essex that specialises in racquet re-stringing and gripping.


Badminton Stringing from £15.00


Feel free to contact me via contact@essexrestringing.com or 07985489024



Why re-string?


An important, and often ignored, factor in the performance of any racket is the type, tension and condition of the strings. And there are many different types of string available, each giving different playing characteristics and varying degrees of longevity. Having the right string, at the correct tension, for your playing style will not only help your play but also help prevent injuries.






Tension ranges for badminton as usual, are racquet dependant, however generally vary from 18lbs to 28lbs.  The lower end of the tension ranges increase the power at the expense of the feel.  A tighter strung racquet increases the feel at the expense of power.  A good average tension is around 22 – 23lbs.  It is also worth noting that the tighter the string, the more regular the breakage.


Tight stringing will offer more control whilst power can be obtained by lesser tension where the 'Trampoline' effect comes into play.


Thicker strings will be more durable but offer less spin, elasticity, feel and comfort. Thinner strings will be less durable but offer more spin, elasticity, feel and comfort.




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